Spring is around the corner, and with it comes WATER. As much as we all love to see the cold and dreary months fade away, there are some things we can do to help ensure our spring is as safe and dry as it can be. It only takes a few simple steps to keep you, your home, and your belongings protected.

Between spring rainfall and melting snow and ice, water is always an issue when the temperatures start rising. You can protect your home from the elements by following these simple guidelines.

Move Your Snow

Start by moving any piles of snow or ice away from your home. This way when it melts, it will not be able to melt directly into your basement.

Check Your Walls and Foundation

Next on your checklist should be to check for holes or cracks in the walls in your basement. These could be an easy entry for outside water to come through. Look at the foundation walls outside as well as the walls inside. Patch any cracks that you can see and call in a professional if you need to.

Proper Downspouts

Improper downspouts can also be an invitation for damage. Ensure that your downspouts are free from ice dams and that they are extended at least two meters from your home. This will help keep moisture away from your foundation

Working Sump Pump

If your home is susceptible to water leaks, install a sump pump system. This will pump any water that comes into the pit out to an area away from your home.

Make sure your system has a back-up pump in case of failure and a battery back-up in case of power outages.

Leak Monitors

Consider installing a leak monitor. This can be a simple one, or a more advanced one that connects to your home’s wifi and can alert your mobile phone to water leaks before they cause too much damage.

Move Your Stuff!

Finally, MOVE YOUR VALUABLES! We all have been guilty of storing our precious items such as photos and memorabilia in the basement, and usually in boxes.

Put these items in waterproof containers and move them up off the floor. Install metal shelving to store items away from possible damage. You should also consider using pedestals for your laundry equipment

Spring is an amazing time of year so let’s all enjoy it without the worry of nature messing it up. Like the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”.