Annual General
Meeting Notice

The Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Cayuga Mutual Insurance Company will be held at 10:30 a.m. on the 18th day of March 2021, at the Head Office, 23 King Street West, Cayuga, for the following purposes:

  1. To receive and approve the Annual Financial Statement.
  2. To appoint an Auditor
  3. To elect Directors.
  4. To transact any such further business that may properly come before the meeting.

The Directors whose terms will expire are Charlie Snyder, Mark Comley, and Wendy Brohman all of whom are eligible for re-election to a three term.

Additionally, Mike Falk as selected by the nominating committee and approved by the Board of Directors to fulfill the remaining term of a retiring director is eligible election to a two term.

Any policyholder wishing to seek election or re-election as a Director must file a nomination form with the Secretary of the Corporation at least 90 (ninety) days in advance of the annual meeting. Furthermore, in accordance with Cayuga Mutual Corporate By-Law 21 C only those candidates recommended by the nominating committee and approved by the Board of Directors shall be presented to the members for election.

The financial statement will be available no later than 21 days from the Annual General Meeting on our website at:


Any policyholder may request a copy of the annual statement by contacting the office during normal business hours. (905) 772 5498.

Please take notice, that in accordance with the Corporations Act Schedule 2, Special Rules During an Emergency, Meetings for Corporations, the Cayuga Mutual Annual General Meeting of Members will be hosted virtually via a “Zoom Webinar” meeting platform. The only option to attend the Annual General Meeting is with the use of a secured internet connected device to join a Zoom Webinar meeting link. Pre-registration is required and there will be no opportunities to join in-person, by phone or once the meeting has commenced.

Please go to to register on or before Wednesday March 17th, 2021at 12:00 noon. You will be asked to register with your name, address, email address and your Cayuga Mutual Insurance policy number. Once your registration has been approved you will receive a link to the meeting via your email address provided with your registration.

For more information concerning our 2021 Annual General Meeting visit our website at

Stephen Quinn
President and CEO

Mark Comley
CEO Chair of the Board

Annual Financial Statements

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Chair’s message

I have appreciated the opportunity to serve as the Cayuga Mutual Chair this past year and would like to thank the Board, Management, Agents, Staff and Members for their great support and encouragement through one of the most challenging of years.

This past year Walter Hyslop, one of our long-standing Directors retired and I would like to thank him on behalf of everyone for his many years of dedication and hard work.

New to the Board we welcome Mike Falk.

Furthermore, after serving Cayuga Mutual for 13 years, agent Mike Cowan retired. We wish Mike well in his retirement and welcome Trent Byleveld to the Cayuga Mutual team of agents.

Joining our office team are Melissa Marcoux as our Chief Financial Officer, Trent Byleveld as a sales agent and Stacey Aitchison as our Property Underwriting Manager.

Even though merely mentioning the year 2020 would make most people cringe, there have been some positives we can take pride in. Cayuga Mutual reached further milestones in Net Written Premium (12M+) and Member Surplus (20m+). In the face of government shutdowns, restrictions, and social distancing requirements, we still managed to come together as a team, moving Cayuga Mutual forward in a safe and successful manner. We posted an underwriting profit, forged mainly by excellent property results while auto claims continued to be challenging. Investment returns appeared troubling during the first quarter of 2020; however prudent financial management culminated in an excellent overall result.

As everyone is aware, working from home became the new norm. We managed to provide the same level of service to our clientele while adhering to “lockdown” guidelines. Our staff and agents demonstrated their collective agility transitioning from an in-office environment to an at home one seamlessly. As well, the Board of Directors turned monthly meetings normally held in-person, into meetings held virtually – a new experience for us all!

Renovations to the office that were in the planning stage in 2019 have now been completed despite Covid-19 restrictions. Although we started with more elaborate plans for the building, we opted to scale back and stay within the confines of the existing footprint. We have provided the staff with updated workspaces while reconfiguring these areas to capture more natural light thus improving the work experience.

In a word, Cayuga Mutual and all those connected to it demonstrated an amazing degree of resiliency. I would like to thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your Chair and for your hard work and dedication over the past year and may 2021 bring brighter days for us all.