Welcome to the next post in our Cure Cabin Fever With Cayuga Mutual series. Our team has put our heads together to come up with activities that are keeping us busy during our time at home and helping us try things we’ve always wanted to! 

Why not give some sustainable crafting a try? After all, most of us probably have a few wine corks hanging around right now!

Thanks to Krista Neil for our latest activity. She loves to collect wine corks and has shared her tips on how you can use the ones you have at home to make your own hanging wreath.

Materials Needed

  • 77 Wine corks
  • Glue gun
  • Paint in your choice of colour (I used nail polish – a great way to use up nail polish you no longer use!)
  • Ribbon
  • 4-6 Craft sticks/popsicle sticksCork Wreath


  1. Each flower has 7 corks – the middle part of the flower and 6 corks surrounding the centre. Use the glue gun to glue each cork into place.
  2. When you have 11 cork flowers, arrange them into a wreath and then glue each flower together. 
  3. You can glue the sticks onto the back of the wreath for extra support. They won’t be seen, so don’t worry if it’s a little messy!
  4. When the wreath is complete, make a bow out of the ribbon and place it wherever you would like on the wreathe.  I also used burlap twine to hang the wreathe.
  5. Have fun with the colours! 

Happy crafting! Don’t forget to show off your wreaths on social media using #CayugaMutualCares, we can’t wait to see your creations!