Flood Warning

Heavy rains have caused the banks of the river to swell beyond capacity causing some extensive flooding, and flows in the river are at dangerous levels. The Grand River Conservation Authority has issued a message that flood warnings continue for the southern Grand River while a water safety message has been put in place for the entire Grand River watershed.

River levels are already abnormally high for this time of year and there is more rain in the forecast. While many areas of the Grand River have seen a peak in water levels that is now receding, there are some areas that are still at flood stage.

For more information on your specific are check out the Grand River Conservation Authority’s website at: https://www.grandriver.ca/en/index.aspx

Water Safety

During this time, it is advised that with flows higher than normal in the River, it is not safe for recreational activities. While things may look clear and beautiful, there is a significant amount of debris moving downstream as a result of the high waters and fast flow. This could cause serious injury for those attempting to take part in on river activities.

River banks are also susceptible to the high flows. Both River and creek banks will be very slippery at this time and can pose significant danger. It is advised for people to steer clear of these areas and for parents to keep a close eye on children and pets.

Flood Warning System

The GRCA has a flood forecast and warning system to alert all media and residents when a potential problem is expected. You can subscribe to receive these messages via email by logging into the website above.  Currently the code is RED so please be careful around ALL bodies of water.

Please be safe and exercise caution around any body of water during this time. Check media alerts or log onto the GRCA website to check for additional information. Always make sure to protect yourself and your belongings from problems that may possibly occur.

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