While we’ve all gotten used to working from home over the last year and a half, some businesses have always been that way. At Cayuga Mutual, we want to help you find the right coverage for your home-based business, no matter what it is! 

What is a Home-based Business? 

A home-based business is exactly how it sounds – a business based out of your home! Whether you’re a freelancer, baker, tutor, or jewellery designer, if you do your business from your home, you have a home-based business. While your home will already have insurance coverage, it is important to note that your business won’t be covered under that same policy. 

What coverage does a Home-Based business need? 

As mentioned above, even if your home is already covered with an insurance policy, your home-based business won’t be. Home-based businesses require almost the same coverage as standard commercial coverage, with a few exceptions. Home-based businesses generally cover your business contents (think office furniture, computers, inventory and stock on hand, machinery, or equipment) as well as the space you do your business in. If you’re working from your garage or home office, that space will also be covered under your home-based business policy.  


Does my Home-Based Business need Insurance? 

Even if your home-based business is new or relatively small, having the right insurance coverage will secure your business and your financial future by protecting you from lawsuits and or devastating loss. When it comes to the business you dedicate your life to, insurance coverage that protects your life work is important.  


Insuring Your Home-Based Business with Cayuga Mutual 

You work hard for your small business, which is why we work hard for you with products and services designed to specifically meet your needs. At Cayuga Mutual, we offer many different coverages for your commercial business. 

Our Home-Based Business Policies cover: 

  • Your building or rented space 
  • Your business contents 
  • Crime Coverage 
  • Commercial Liability 
  • Business Interruption Loss of Income 


Trust Cayuga Mutual with protecting your business, big or small. Our professional agent can quickly identify your specific needs and find you the right product at highly competitive rates. We have many innovative products specifically tailored for your type of business or can develop a custom solution to suit your needs. Contact us today to get started.