KITEC Piping in Houses


KITEC piping was a brand name used for a domestic water piping from 1995 and 2007. KITEC was made in Canada by Ipex Inc. and used several brand names. KITEC plumbing system consists of the piping and the fittings. The pipe is a thin layer of aluminum sandwiched between an inner and outer layer of Pex plastic. The fittings are made of brass, and the brass is composed of copper and zinc.

What’s the Risk?

During the manufacturing process, Ipex added an antioxidant to the Pex piping in an effort to prevent corrosion. Due to the use of this antioxidant, it is believed, the Pex layer separated. This antioxidant caused the aluminum core to become corroded and eventually led to the weakening of the aluminum piping. As a result of the weakened piping, systems failed and caused significant damage to homes.

In addition, it is also believed that the brass fittings were affected by a chemical reaction called Dezincification. The dezincification accelerated the corrosion of the brass fittings as zinc was leached out. This resulted in the structural integrity of the brass being compromised and ultimately fitting failure. Consequentially leading to home water damage.

In conclusion, the risk is not will the KITEC piping system fail, but rather when will it fail.  As a result of separation, corrosion, and dezincification it is believed that all KITEC piping will eventually fail.  Due to this failure, your home is at risk to significant water damage.

What can be done?

In conclusion, the only way to determine if your home has KITEC piping is to have your home inspected by a qualified plumber. The plumber will determine if KITEC piping is being used. If KITEC piping is in use, you must be replaced as soon as practicable by a qualified plumber.

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Dezincification accelerates the corrosion of brass fittings, resulting in system failure.

To determine if your home has KITEC piping have it inspected by a qualified plumber.

The risk is not will the Kitec piping system fail, but rather when will it fail.

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