At Cayuga Mutual, we take the lives and well-being of our members very seriously. That’s why we like to share information that can help improve our members’ safety and help protect your investments, such as the info below. If you own a wood structure, this information will be especially important to you!  

 This article outlines how preservatives in pressure-treated wood were changed from Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) to Ammoniacal Copper Quaternary (ACQ) and Copper Azole (AC). Because of this change in chemicals, there have been some questions about how long-lasting our pressure-treated lumber actually is as newer and modern farm buildings are structurally failing. You can read more about the concerns of builders and farmers and their buildings here at 


If you had outbuildings and garages built before 2004, then there’s less cause for concern. If you’ve constructed newer outbuildings, garages, or even made an eco-building from sustainable materials then this article is very eye-opening. As the article states, when building for critical structural components, choose a pressure-treated wood with a User Code of UC4.2, and always abide by your building architect or contractor. 

If you’re concerned about your wood structures, or just want to be sure they’re structurally sound, please speak with your local building department.