It’s back to school time again!! For a lot of you it is your first year heading off to college or university. Congratulations!!! How exciting!

There are lots of things to remember for this important time of your life to make sure that it is also the best time of your life!


#1 A Fun Funky Alarm Clock

For many of us, waking up in the morning for school or work is the toughest part of our day!! If you have an alarm clock that has a loud annoying alarm, it may help you get up for those early morning classes.

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

It’s Easy!!   Talk to your parents to see if you are covered under their policy. Make sure you have a list of your belongings and an estimated value of your expensive items to ensure accurate coverage!

#2 Ear Plugs

School dormitories and rental units can be noisy!! From parties to snoring roommates you may want to dull the noise to help you with a good night’s sleep or to be able to study for that dreaded exam!

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

It’s Affordable!! Tenant insurance will usually cost less in a month than a daily coffee at most campus coffee houses!

#3 A Good Mattress Cover

School dorm rooms or apartments can be a scary place but if you protect yourself you should be fine. Get a comfortable pillow top and a good mattress protector so if your roommate brings unwanted guests they won’t bother you!

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

It Protects Your Stuff!! From furniture to expensive laptops, the right insurance will protect it.(Check your policy for coverage and exclusions).

#4 Under The Bed Storage

Finding places to store your stuff in school dorms or apartments can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Make the most of your space by having storage containers that will fit under your bed.

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

You Own More Stuff Than You Think!! You may not think you have much, and that what you have isn’t worth insuring. Imagine what it would cost you to replace it ALL if the unthinkable happens. We all think it will never happen to us… until it does! (Check your policy for coverage and exclusions).

#5 A Humidifier

            If you are staying in a climate that isn’t warm all year round (like we are) then in the winter months it can get quite dry. This can affect asthma and allergies and even cause nose bleeds from the dryness not to mention that dry itchy skin!

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

It Covers Additional Expenses After a Loss!! If a fire occurs in your apartment, you will need a place to stay while repairs are being made. Worrying about this can affect your studies! Insurance will cover these expenses while your apartment is being put back the way it was! Check your policy for coverage and exclusions).

#6 A Fan 

            It is ALWAYS a good idea to invest in a fan. If your apartment or dorm room has air conditioning you never know if the air will feel cool enough. If you are uncomfortable, it is hard to concentrate on studies!

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

It Protects You if You Damage Someone Else’s Property in Your Building!! Tenants are responsible for any damage they cause to any part of their building. Tenant insurance will help cover the damage (Check your policy for coverage and exclusions).

#7   A Shower Caddy, Shower Shoes and a Shower Cap

            Most student housing, whether dorm, apartment or rooming house will have a communal or shared bathroom. Keeping toiletries in there is not necessarily a good idea so have a shower caddy that you can carry back and forth with you. Also, with shared bathrooms you never know how clean the floors are so shower shoes are a must have item. Girls with long hair may want to bring a shower cap to avoid that dreaded blow drying time!

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

It Protects You If You Cause Harm to Someone in Your Building!! Tenants may be responsible for the harm they cause others who live in or visit their unit. Tenant insurance may help cover the costs associated with this type of claim (Check your policy for coverage and exclusions).

#8 Stationary/Office Supplies

                Once in college or university you will be writing a TON of papers. Invest in a good stapler, 3 hole punch, pens, pencils, highlighters – lots of highlighters – scissors, paper clips, binder clips, good binders and scratch pads. Make sure to check any lists provided by your school for any other important items.

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

It Protects You in the Event of a Lawsuit Related to Your Rental Unit!! Standard insurance policies cover defense fees and potential settlements, in the case of a lawsuit brought by a third party (Check your policy to see if these coverages are available).

#9 Mini Fridge and Microwave

                Most schools will have microwaves available in the “food court” or common kitchen area for housing rentals. Why worry about sharing and having to stand in line? If you know who your roommate will be, why not split the cost?

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

You Can’t Afford NOT to Have It!! If something should occur, it would be financially straining to replace all of your belongings, cover costs of damage and cover potential lawsuits. This could even mean not being able to finish school! (Check your policy for coverage and exclusions)

#10 A Safe

                You definitely want to make sure to protect your valuables. If you or your roommate have friends over or if your door is ever left open to be more social you are putting your valuables at risk.  These are great for storing jewelry, wallets, ID and even prescription medications to keep them out of the hands of others.

*** Don’t forget tenant insurance!

It Would Make Your Parents Proud!! Taking this step and proving responsibility as you leave home will earn you points with your parents and give you, and them, peace of mind.


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