The Farmer’s Market is a place that is enjoyed by many individuals. There is a multitude of things to discover at each individual Farmer’s Market booth including fresh produce, baked goods, beautiful flowers, and homemade goods. There will be a number of vendors at the market who will be selling similar items to yours. It is critical to be unique and follow some techniques. There are marketing strategies that can be used so that people are naturally attracted to your farmer’s market display stand. So that you can sell your display supplies efficiently, there are things to look out for. Here are the 7 best Farmer’s Market Display Ideas: 

1. Observe Other Farmer’s Market Display Stands. 

There are many places to sell your goods, especially at Farmer’s Markets in the GTA. Before you set anything up, observe the competition around you. Look at the products they are selling, and determine what is selling well, what isn’t, and how their display is operating. That way you have a good shot at being successful based on the local needs. 

2. Create a Farmer’s Market Sign 

You may be wondering how to sell at a Farmer’s Market, especially as a newcomer. The first step is to create your Farmer’s Market sign! Keep it bold and colourful, and make sure that any customer walking by can tell what you’re selling before entering your booth. The more attractive your sign is, the more potential you have for attaining customers. 

3. Display Sales or Good Pricing 

It is no secret that everyone enjoys a good deal. Instead of having your customers come in and search for hidden pricing, display it out in the open so they can see your amazing pricing! If you have any sort of sale or deal happening, display that at the front of your booth and you are sure to catch some customers hunting for a good price.  

4. Always Add a Pop of Colour 

 Adding a pop of colour to your Farmer’s Market booth is always a great idea. No matter what you are selling, you can attract more eyes by adding a colourful tablecloth, pots or jars with colourful ribbon on them, or anything that suits your booth.   

5. Use Creative Packaging in Your Display 

Sometimes the quality of the packaging sells just as much as the product itself. If you show your customers what they will be receiving with their purchase, they may be more inclined to take a look. It shows that you put effort into what you are selling, and care about each individual customer.  

6. Put Your Most Popular Item at The Back on Display Stand

This might seem like something you shouldn’t consider, but it is a simple tactic used in big box stores to get people to buy more items. In big grocery stores, they display the most needed items at the back so that the customer has to walk through the whole store before getting to it. This means that they spend more time looking at and buying items that they didn’t originally come for.  

7. Keep a Positive Attitude at Your Display Booth

The best part of a display includes the person selling the items! If you are a positive, warm, and welcoming individual, people will feel more invited to come into your Farmer’s Market display. Stay happy and kind and you will be sure to see some traction. 

Stand Out at The Farmer’s Market 

With these tips and tricks, you can help your Farmer’s Market Booth sell to the public. Be unique, colourful, and have a calculated plan to ensure your success. Most importantly, have fun and encourage the public to support local!