Did you know that Ontario farmers produce a wide variety of crops and livestock? With fresh Ontario produce and livestock in your Grocery stores, farmer’s markets and at Farm stands everywhere, support local and  if you ate today—Thank A Farmer!

Haldimand County

In Ontario there are more than 59,000 farms producing a range of product. Here in Haldimand County there are more than 950 farms ranging in size from 10 acres to over 3000 acres. These farms are vital to our community producing varieties of fruits and vegetable, beef cattle, dairy cows, poultry, pork, ostrich and emu!  There are many specialty and traditional crops too!

4-H Club

For more than 100 years the 4-H Club has been working with Ontario youth to build leaders in the community and bring the love of farming to all! While its roots are in rural Ontario, the club is open to all youth across the province. With the help of dedicated staff and screened volunteers they are shaping the farmers of tomorrow.

For more information on how you can become involved in this club click the link below:


Farm season traffic

During farming season it is common to find tractors and combines travelling the rural roads to move machinery and crops to and from the fields. While this is an inconvenience for motorists we need to remind ourselves that these are the people providing our food. This is a great opportunity to Thank A Farmer.

Visit a Farm

Many Ontario farms offer farm tours and events. During the harvest season there will be farm stands set up offering fresh produce and many local farmers have pick your own crops to get the freshest produce available. There are also many farms that will offer you meat orders so you know the meat you are eating is healthy, fresh and local. Take advantage of these opportunities and eat fresh, local food more often… and don’t forget to Thank A Farmer.

With farm season in full swing let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication that these men and women put in every single day. Whether you are a meat and potato person, or prefer a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle — If you ate today “Thank A Farmer!”

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