Ahh, August. The dog days of summer! A time to relax, unwind…and prepare to send your students for a busy school year. While some are just learning to drive, others may be taking off to campus. No matter if your driver is just starting out in high school, or heading off into their post-grad future, we’ve included your need-to-know info for having your students insured!  


Adding them to the policy – Why?

Your auto insurance policy doesn’t just cover the vehicles themselves, but the people who drive them. Adding your student/child to your auto policy ensures they are covered in the event of an accident.  


Secondary Drivers – what are they? 

Secondary operators are drivers over 25 with access to and/or operate the vehicle with less frequency than the principal operator while occasional operators are drivers under 25 years of age who have access to, and/or operate the vehicle with less frequency than the principal operator who is 25 years of age or older. For example, the parent (principal owner) owns the vehicle and takes it most of the time, but the child or dependent is added on as a secondary driver of the vehicle. Be sure to double-check your policy to be sure your child/dependent is fully covered. 


Will this affect my rates? 

Occasional operators generate their own premiums meaning that they will not affect the principal operators’ rates, however, secondary operators may affect the premium if their driving record is lower than the principal operator’s. 

If you ever have any doubt about whether changes to your vehicle could affect your insurance coverage, take the safe route and give your insurance agent a call. It’s better to spend a few minutes on the phone and have everything stay the same than be left with inadequate coverage when you and your family need it most. 


Some Additional Tips 

  1. If your student will no longer be using the car at all (possibly due to moving out of province) consider removing them entirely to save a little extra! 
  1. Ensure the vehicle is prepared with a safety kit.  
  1. Get the vehicle serviced ahead of your students’ planned departure date.  
  1. Use winter tires when seasonally appropriate. 
  1. Contact your Cayuga Mutual Agent for any additional tips, tricks, or calming mantras to get you through your drivers hitting the road.  


We want all our drivers to be safe. If you have any additional questions, give us a call! We’re more than happy to help prepare you (and your drivers) for a successful and safe year.