The End of an Era

Thursday, March 29, 2018 will mark the end of an Era. After more than 60 years of servicing the town of Hagersville for all their hardware needs, Dave and Cheryl Sayer are passing the torch.

A Little History

Dave’s father Oliver Sayer bought the business from Mr. Smith in 1952 after going in to buy a gallon of paint thinner. He and his wife Bernice grew their business despite a recession, competition and a world that was ever-changing and evolving. During the 1960s they signed on as a Pro Hardware Dealer to try to overcome some of the obstacles faced by running a small, independent business in a small town.  Bernice and Oliver raised their three sons in the apartment upstairs, living there until their passing.

David Joined the Team

David, the Sayers’ youngest son, joined the team as a partner in 1970, bringing with him fresh, new ideas. With these new ideas, Sayer’s grew to become a 12,000 ft. hardware, paint, wallpaper and furniture store like no other seen in the small, quaint town of Hagersville. In 1987, he and his wife Cheryl purchased the business from his parents, but Bernice and Oliver remained in the business as employees. The opportunity to expand even more came in 1998, when David and Cheryl bought out the local Home Hardware, becoming a member of the Home Hardware Family of Dealers in Canada.

Community and Charity: Always at the Forefront

Charity and community involvement have always been a part of the Sayer’s way of life. David received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award for volunteer service.  They have also won awards such as the Passport to Prosperity for all their work with co-op students and the Mark Robichaud Community Leader Award in November 2017. The Sayer’s were chosen out of 1100 Home Hardware stores for their community giving.

The ideals of charity come naturally to David Sayer, as his father was also a great giver. In an article in the Haldimand Press by Valerie Posthumus, David explained how charity began at home.

One of my earliest memories is Christmastime when I was four years old. My dad owned the hardware store that I own today. My mom, dad and two brothers lived in an apartment above the store. My brothers and I all knew Dad had ordered brand new bicycles for us for Christmas and we were beyond excited. On Christmas morning we raced down the stairs to the front of the store where the tree stood. To our dismay, there were no bicycles and we were crushed.

Dad sat us down and explained that there was a local family going through a very tough time who needed the bikes more than we did. He told us we would get new bikes once he could afford them again.

My father had been an orphan and grew up with very little money. My mother, a local from this community, understood the challenges people faced. Together, they formed a union based on serving others”

 –           Dave Sayer.

Time to Pass the Torch

Mr. Sayer will be handing the torch over to David Dishky, making good on a handshake promise to David’s (Dishky) dad in 1994 that if none of his children wanted to take over the business, young David would get the first opportunity.

There will be no ‘going away” party for the passing of the torch. The Sayers have said they will go out quietly and that they will miss their time at the store. Their last day will be March 29. Members of the community are welcome to stop by before then to wish the Sayers well, and say goodbye to an Era.