Welcome to the latest post in our Cure Cabin Fever With Cayuga Mutual series. Our team has put our heads together to come up with activities that are keeping us busy during our time at home and helping us try things we’ve always wanted to! 

Today, Starr Doleman has shared her expertise on how you can make your very own diamond painting at home.

Diamond painting kits come with a pre-glued picture with a pattern code, sort of like paint-by-numbers or even a cross-stitch, and all the “diamond” drills you will need to finish your project. These are labelled according to the code on the pattern.

It’s helpful to get yourself a storage system with small sections with a lid (available at the dollar store) so these drills can be easily separated and ready to use. You will also get a tool for attaching the drills, some putty and a sorting tray.

Diamond Painting

To attach your drills to your “painting”, carefully peel back a section of the protective cover. It’s usually best to start from the top, and the side opposite of your dominant hand (eg. if you are right-handed then start in the left-hand upper corner). This will keep you from getting stuck on the pattern.

Using the tool, poke the open end into the putty to fill the tool. Grab a diamond drill that you’ve put into your sorting tray, rounded side up, and attach it to the appropriate square on your painting. Be careful to put it in the centre of the pre-marked square.

Work in batches according to colour until your painting is done. Don’t worry if you put a diamond in the wrong spot, a pair of tweezers will pull that off and you can move it where you want it. Refill the putty as needed but a little goes a long way.

Diamond Painting

When you are done your painting, if you feel your lines aren’t straight enough use a flat item such as a thin ruler or credit card and simply straighten them. Once satisfied, push all your diamonds in to ensure a firm hold. Frame it how you like and hang it proudly!

Optional items you may want to make it easier: sorting container with at least 20 compartments all with lids, tweezers, a light board (used for drawing or tracing and available at hobby stores or online), additional attaching tools and sorting trays.

Happy Painting!

Diamond painting kits are easy and affordable to order online. Don’t forget to share your sparkling works of art on social media and tag #CayugaMutualCares so we can see your masterpieces!