It’s that time of year again – harvesting season! A time to thank farmers for all they do, and to reap the rewards of spring and summer full of hard work. While farmers are hard at work to feed cities, we here at Cayuga are working hard to protect them. After all, without farmers, our fall season wouldn’t be nearly as fruitful or fun!  


Cayuga Mutual Farm Insurance – How Cayuga Can Help  

While you’re supporting farmers out there, we’re supporting farmers in here. Our innovative coverage meets ALL farm insurance needs by providing the following coverages for everything in and on the farm. Aside from our General Farm Insurance, we also proudly offer farm insurance for:  

  • Hobby Farms  
  • If you farm for pleasure, this product has all the benefits of a residential policy, plus farm liability and other essential farm coverage to meet your specific needs. Learn more about our Hobby Farm coverage here.  
  • Poultry Farm Insurance  
  • Whether it’s Layers, Broilers or Turkeys, we have great options for superior protection for your poultry flock. Learn more about our Poultry Farm Insurance coverage (And get your free quote) here! 
  • Dairy Farm Insurance  
  • Your dairy cattle operation is more than a livelihood, it’s your life, get the coverage you need. Learn more and get your free Dairy Farm Insurance quote here. 
  • Beef Farm Insurance  
  • Today’s beef operations are more sophisticated than ever. That’s why you need the added features we’ve tailored to your specific needs. Learn more and get your free Beef Farm Insurance quote here.  
  • Equine Farm Insurance  
  • Protection for a wide range of horse farm operations such as horse breeding, training and riding academies – Learn more about our Equine Farm policies and coverage here.  

 Each farm is unique, so our coverage is too. If you’re looking for farm insurance or just want to learn more about our coverages, give us a call. We’d be happy to speak with you about your current farm needs, and to learn more about your farm!   

Driving Safely – We’re in it together.   

When it comes to a farming community, we’re all in it together. We’d be lying if we said that getting stuck behind a slow-moving tractor was an enjoyable experience. At the end of the day, nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of every vehicle on the road, and we can all do our part to keep our farmers and rural communities safer.   

Farm vehicles weren’t built for speed, let alone driving on public roads. In fact, all vehicles displaying a Slow-Moving Vehicle (SMV) sign are forbidden from driving above 40 km/h. What does that mean? Be patient. Their goal isn’t to ruin your day by slowing you down; it’s to ensure everybody’s safety while they do the important task of feeding our communities. Driving aggressively or becoming impatient only puts yourself and the person operating the farming equipment at risk.  


Supporting Farmers Locally – How you Can Help  

When it comes to supporting your local farmer, there are a few simple ways you can add to your weekly shopping routine. When picking out your favourite produce items, look for the label “Foodland Ontario” on products, this label means that the product you are about to buy has been grown locally.    

If you’d prefer a different approach to buying locally, you can directly visit a farm. Many farmers set up a farm stand on their residence (or on the road outside of it) and sell all the produce that was grown on that farm. Nothing beats the feeling of picking up fresh produce right from where it was grown, plus, what better way to meet your local farmers than going to visit them?   

Looking for more than just local produce? Head to a local farmer’s market! Flowers, produce, meats, and other local products like eggs and cheese are all available at farmer’s markets. Another benefit to visiting the farmers market is the inspiration – you can go in without any firm idea of what you want to buy or cook that night, and walk out with some just-laid eggs, eye-popping purple cabbage, and new dinner plans.  



This harvesting season, let’s all do our part to support our local farmers and to keep them safe. While they’re busy working hard for us, let’s work hard for them!